Movement Dance with Ann Thennes start January 9

January 3, 2023

The Mountain Gypsy, Ann Thennes, hosts her magical Movement Dance classes at Marcia Sarosiks Dance Studio on Monday and Wednesday mornings starting at 7 am starting January 9, 2023.

The dance is free form expression and moving meditation to help you make a conscious connection with your mind, body, spirit and the heartbeat of mother earth. Dance at your own pace with the intention to ground, release and integrate energy rising from our source, Lake Tahoe.

Heart Rhythms is a heartfelt, wild, fun, contemplative, zany, tender, strong, vital conscious dance/movement class. With the main side effect being an open heart and a strong pliable body. Heart Rhythms brings your vitality to the surface and helps your vitality go bone deep.  Even if you have never set foot inside a studio before, this class and the people in it are welcoming and fun.

“There are many reasons to dance.  Dance is in direct alignment with our ancient ancestors. To dance our intentions into being, dance our prayers into being, dance our hopes into being. To light up our internal energies and show us our path. To dance for the pure joy and that it opens in our soul. It is a language we already know. If we allow ourselves to feel it, to hear it and let it touch us.  Our spirit is given us by the universe. Our bodies come from the earth. Dance connects our physical body with our spiritual body. The dance journey helps us cross the spiritual veil of non ordinary reality.

Sacred dance provides direction, contentedness, adventure, self-knowledge and inner knowledge. The dance journey is a direct open path to ourselves and the natural world that surrounds us. It follows our own internal map and our ancient energies. It allows is to cross the surface tensions between our natural and spirit worlds.”  Ann

Ann’s innate sense of rhythm allows her to connect easily with the cycles, rhythms, energies and elements of her natural surroundings. Her spiritually inspired pieces include decorative gourds, Heart Blessing and Spirit Bowls using animal totems and Goddess art. She often uses objects from nature to adorn her gourds, like bones or antlers, leather, stones or beads.

Ann Thennes heart blessing

Heart Rhythms is set to all types of music – world, rock, soul, rhythm and blues – to help students understand world cultures through music and dance.

“There are ancient energies in all of us. Dance brings that energy to the surface and gives it a voice in our life. The dance is free form movement, expression and moving meditation to an image, intention, metaphor or ritual focus. The dance helps us explore the wholeness of who we are and the many blessings we receive from the lake and mountains.” – Ann

“Doing these retreats has added a wonderful element to my life. I love working with the energies, elements and animals of Tahoe.” states Ann. “We live in such a special, magical place.”

Classes take place at the Studio on James Street, South Lake Tahoe, (formerly Miss Marcia’s Studio). Please contact Ann via email at