Connecting Heaven and Earth by Yasmin Sayyed

January 7, 2023

South Lake Tahoe mixed media artist and poet, Yasmin Sayyed, is participating in an international art movement to help bridge Heaven & Earth through art and energy. […]

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Shown here is Yasmin’s painting entitled “Peace be Still; in the Heart of Humanity” which was created in her South Shore studio.

Yasmin views art as “A journey towards oneness through the splendor and elegance of painting in partnership with Spirit.”

Her intentions are clear, immortalized through the marriage of her masterful paintings and words that ignite the soul and instill peace for reflection.

“What does it mean to paint with brushes dipped in the love and force of Spirit, or to manifest art to connect Heaven and Earth into the oneness of being? I think it may mean different things to different people with differing cosmological realities; all fusing a single goal of having their art speak to the unification of humanity.” Yasmin Sayyed

The following artist statement and painting above, The Breath of God, illustrates Yasmin’s gift of eloquently expressing our profound connection to heaven and earth.

Yasmin talks about her painting, “The Breath Of God”

On the breath of the Divine rode the call for peace to remain still so Heaven and Earth might connect in conjoint efforts for the physical and spiritual thriving (and survival) of our species.

The wind blew fiercely one summer evening and there was talk of tornadoes in northern Nevada, not but a short distance from the mountains of my California residence. I opened windows and skylights so the fierceness of her howling messages could have more direct access to my being, so she could roll up and down the walls and in, and out and around the corners of the rooms to find and settle in my spirit, in my awaiting paint brushes, my eager palette, the tarrying bench of my psyche on which poet’s words have lain a thousand years.

Fierce is her call for peace-be-still, for hope, instilled, for indignation to rise to the forefront of quieted tongues, for joyfulness to dance, and character to bow in deference to the force of breath before us.

Be still the peace that eludes us through strife and needs to be right and egos toxic in intent or result, be still the peace stalled by beliefs of deservedness more than others and disregard for the land that supports and nourishes us. Peace-be-still.

In slow crescendos swirling breaths blown directly into our hearts and psyches, directly into our fiber and bone marrow, instills hope. Hope clings in lingering joy knowing the innate goodness of nature including our own, hope garners people of like minds, called to lead movements of oneness, and justice, and creativity to heal and unify. In the grooves of howling winds hope is seeded.

In the swells and abrupt turns ride indignation –relentless in her condemnations of that which harms through assaults on the soul. Peace knows not stillness in the face of wrongdoing; breath upends a mask of deception and clears a path for character related to the spirit of unity and egalitarianism; breath upends so peace can be still, can linger, can spread her wings, lie motionless on immense bodies of water, and bend gently over the contours of mountain ridges to bask in the sun of meadows. Peace-be-still.

The breath of God seeks to connect and interconnect that which is familiar and that which is stark in its differences, those whose patterns overlap in contiguous texture and tension and design, and those that stand crisp in colour definition and hue and value. Breath connects and seeks to connect Heaven and Earth with the divine character within each distinct and similar design.

Enjoy their complexity and juxtaposing simplicity. May the images gently rock our souls like a body without a back, unfix our gazes that we might have vision and untie our tongues such that truth has a clear path riveted in personal courage and character.

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Featured paintings:

– Peace be Still; in the Heart of Humanity (top)

– The Breath of God (above)

– Connecting Heaven and Earth (left)