Childrens book affirms parents’ love by Kate D. Moore

April 30, 2016

In an effort to help her own three small children cope with change, South Shore preschool teacher, Kate D. Moore, recently published a book to assist other families.

“They Both Love You: Two Separate Houses, One Common Love” is about the parents’ love for their children despite divorce or separation.

The book beautifully affirms the love parents have for the children even if the parents are not together. It is a great tool for parents in times of change.

The illustrations in the book featuring lil’ monkeys were drawn by Christie Ussher, local artist.

About the Author:

Kate D. Moore is a mother and special education teacher in South Lake Tahoe. After personally experiencing many life changing events such as her own special needs child, abuse, four foster children, divorce, and then losing her house and all of their possessions in the Angora fire of 2007, she has felt the need to reach out and help others through her books.

In writing these books for her three incredible children to better understand the complexities of big life changes that personally affect them, Kate has been inspired to bring hope and healing to many other children and families in similar situations. She enjoys photography, time with family, games, outdoor adventures, skiing, traveling, and encouraging others through speaking about her trials and the hope that can follow in the midst of life’s hard times.

Editorial Review on

Children depend on relationships with the adults in their lives to make sense of early experiences, and to build healthy interpretations of what is happening around them. This story offers parents an opportunity to talk with their children about the stresses inevitable in a divorce, to spell out the differences happening in their daily lives and to provide assurances about the certainties that will sustain their lives.

This book’s rhythmic, repetitive reassurance is a reflection of the ongoing need children have for feeling safe. It opens a door for listening to a child’s view of his experiences, for nurturing constructive thoughts and for soothing fears. They Both Love You can help foster the resilience children need to deal with many life changes, including the changes following a divorce.

“They Both Love You: Two Sepatate Houses, One Common Love” is available at