Ceramic Sculptures by Jesse Martin

October 15, 2017

“Good sculpture is always a struggle and that makes it worth the making.” states sculptor Jesse Martin from Truckee.

Jesse has been creating ceramic sculpture and functional pottery for over twenty years. […]

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A native of Chico, Jesse became serious about ceramics in Oregon and now works out of his studio on the Truckee River.

A wonderful blend of functionality and elegance, Jesse’s sculptures are abstract in nature, with themes of the human figure and the natural world.

His passion for form and fluidity drives him to continually innovate his art work.

“The need to create and build with my hands drives my fascination with clay. Form is the foundation of this fascination. Adding color and surface texture enhances that essential element and hopefully produces a synergistic object that is aesthetically pleasing. I enjoy resolving visual and functional questions within a series. Since each formal consideration affects the other characteristics of the whole piece, this may lead to an entirely new set of problems. Thus, my work involves a continuous cycle of adjustment, change and innovation.” – Jesse

jesse martin_wood tea pot_ clayJesse’s pottery ranges from large copper red bowls to mugs and cups, sauce dishes, tea pots, and more. All the ware is dishwasher and microwave safe and is lead free.

To contact Jesse, please call his studio in Truckee at (530) 550-8911.