Ice Skating at Tahoe

December 22, 2022

Rarely can you skate on Caples Lake. But the Xmas Valley/Kirkwood crew has been getting it all over Lake Tahoe lately. The gang has been taking advantage of the cold […]

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skier in the mountains

Geoff Clarke, Sustainable Mountaineer

November 12, 2022

His obsession with backcountry skiing and adventure all started at age eight. He’d hike up Hobbit Hill in South Lake Tahoe with his dog, Sugar, and ski down. […]

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Taylor Creek Ablaze with Color and Wildlife

October 4, 2022

This is truly one of Lake Tahoe’s finest hours. If you haven’t been to Taylor Creek in South Lake Tahoe to watch the running of the Kokanee salmon, bears fishing […]

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Look. Up in the sky! It’s a Pelican! A Pelican?

April 1, 2022

You may have seen them lately because they’re only here in the Spring.

Big white birds, flying in perfect formation high in the sky. Lake Tahoe is in the migratory path of pelicans headed for Pyramid Lake, Nevada.

These pelicans are quite large, often mistaken for geese. Look again. […]

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snowbiking in the mountains

Alpenglow Mountain Winter Festival

February 9, 2022

Driven by fun, community, health, education and the embodiment of the mountain lifestyle, the Alpenglow Mountain Winter Festival held each February in North Lake Tahoe is a celebration of human-powered mountain sports, events, clinics, equipment demonstrations, critically-acclaimed film and more. […]

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Tahoe Adventure Film Festival Tahoe Culture South Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Adventure Film Festival Dec 8

November 23, 2018

Well known as a breeding ground for elite athletes and year-round adventurers, Lake Tahoe is the stage for the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival to be held December 8th in South Shore at MontBleu. […]

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ski patrol dog in snow

Free Avalanche Workshop at Squaw

January 17, 2018

When disaster strikes, be ready to be the one who saves your friend’s life, including your dog’s life. […]

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Hilaree O’Neill at Squaw Feb 8

January 6, 2018

Join professional ski mountaineer, Hilaree Nelson O’Neill, on February 8th at Olympic Valley Lodge at 7pm, as she recounts the wildest and most daring winter of her life.  […]

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Tahoe Culture

Dirtbag The Life of Fred Beckey Jan 6

January 1, 2018

Climbing legend Fred Beckey – and friend of Lake Tahoe, will be the star Saturday, Jan. 6, in a feature film shown at MontBleu starting at 7 pm. […]

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Adrian Ballonger at Squaw Valley Tahoe Culture

Adrian Ballinger at Squaw Dec 7

December 1, 2017

Don’t miss Ballinger’s story about his unforgettable 43-hour summit push up Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen on December 7th at Olympic Valley Lodge as part of the Alpenglow Winter Speaker Series.  […]

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chris sharma rock climbing

Reel Rock Film Tour at LTCC Nov 15

October 20, 2017

When you see these elite climbers in action, you get a taste of their endless pursuit of adventure. Tahoe Adventure Film Festival presents the 12th year of Reel Rock Film Tour at Lake Tahoe Community College Duke Theatre on November 15, 2017. […]

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Fall Foliage Viewing Areas

September 11, 2017

Fall is one of our favorite times to spot the abundant Aspen groves surrounding Lake Tahoe. Now ablaze in gold, sprinkled with orange and red, it’s time to take a hike through our enchanting fall foliage landscapes and listen to the sounds of nature. […]

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