Made in Tahoe

Mitch’s All Natural Ointments

May 4, 2018
    FeaturedMade in Tahoe

I believe with the right thoughts, the right food, the right herbs, and exercise our bodies will perform like a finely-tuned organic machine for a long, healthy and disease free life.


Handbags with Funk & Fashion by Kahlil

April 8, 2018
    Made in Tahoe

Local designer comes full circle, reclaiming herself in the process.

aspen leaf candle

A Glowing Success. Tahoe Candle.

January 30, 2018
    Made in Tahoe

In 1996, Craig Davies came to Lake Tahoe to snowboard.

While he was delivering pizzas, he started making candles and selling them at craft shows.

Tahoe Candle soon became a burning success.

bluebird pendant

Bluebird Designs in Truckee

December 30, 2017
    Made in Tahoe

Have you ever wondered what form your silver mis-matched spoons or your metal wall hangings will take after the visit to the dump?

hammocking in the mountains

Bakpocket Products Launches Adventurers Hammock

December 12, 2017
    Made in Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is home to Bakpocket Products, a unique line of ultralight, outdoor products including signature hammocks, beach blankets, eco-friendly backpacks, bags and accessories.

Locally made Longboard Skateboards

September 14, 2017
    Made in Tahoe

Did you know…Tahoe has its own skateboard manufacturer?

Tahoe Longboards was started by Chuck Vogt in 1997 in Kings Beach.  Chad Thomas, local photojournalist and woodworker, has joined Chuck as co-owner, co-fun hog, co-local entrepreneur and they have launched all new 2012 boards.

Truckee Business reaches 40 years

August 11, 2017
    Made in Tahoe

Truckee’s well-known printer, TIP Printing and Graphics, has reached an impressive 40-year milestone. The presses have been running non-stop, and owners Joel Gressel and Rich Valentine are looking back…and forward.

Part of TIP’s staying power can be attributed to the fact that ink has been running through the blood of these two for decades.

Tahoe Food Hub Fueled by Innovation

August 7, 2017
    Made in Tahoe

Learn how to grow food in the mountains with the local farmers who created Tahoe Food Hub and the Sierra Agroecology Center in Truckee.

Iconic Burgers and Mountain Culture

July 19, 2017
    Made in Tahoe

After skiing all day nothing beats a big, fat juicy burger at the Bridge Tender in Tahoe City.

Dinner in the Barn

July 1, 2017
    Made in Tahoe

The annual “Dinner in the Barn” series hosted by Sierra Valley Farms features guest chefs who prepare a feast using produce so fresh it grew in the field hours before they serve the four-course meal in a 1936-era barn during.

Party of two?

The art of flavor in every cup. Alpen Sierra Coffee.

June 30, 2017
    Made in TahoePeople

Inspired by his travels in Austria and the Sierra Nevada, Christian Waskiewicz founded Alpen Sierra Coffee Company in 1988.

He is Tahoe’s original coffee roaster, and has made it an art form.

Functional Furniture Art by Jacob Morrison

June 3, 2017
    Made in Tahoe

When Jacob Morrison goes wood collecting, it’s not for firewood. The Truckee native has developed a keen eye for spotting logs and limbs that are suitable for his one-of-a-kind rustic furniture pieces.