Impressionist Nanette Oleson

May 2, 2016

She is an international award-winning artist known for her dynamic brushwork and evocative impressionistic colors. Her paintings resonate with a passionate joy inspired by her love of gardening and hiking with her energetic dogs. Her paintings inspire hope, expressing with brilliant colors and lively brush strokes, a spontaneous joy of life. […]

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Remembering Madeline Bohanon

April 28, 2016

A wonderful artist, mentor, and teacher – Madeline Bohanon – founded Sierra Artists Network 30 years ago, which became, North Tahoe ARTS and an artists group called Art Vision. […]

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Photographer Mark Vollmer

February 29, 2016

He believes that outdoor photographers have a responsibility to preserve the integrity of the natural environment by treading lightly, so as not to damage any part of the scene that is being photographed.  And for spreading the message of appreciation and preservation through the resulting images. Meet award-winning outdoor photographer Mark Vollmer. […]

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Melissa Lanitis Gregory. In Loving Memory.

February 23, 2016

She loved art, chocolate, red wine, dogs, recycling, her old and new friends, and her community. But above all, she loved her sons, Griffin and Gordie, and her adoring husband, Alan; and her father. […]

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Jim Hildinger Black & White Photos

February 12, 2016

“Lake Tahoe, Jewel of the Sierra features the black and white photography of Jim Hildinger, a longtime resident of the Lake Tahoe basin. […]

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Recycled Art by Greg Von Loon

February 5, 2016

One person’s trash is an artist’s next masterpiece. Recycling gets center stage at Truckee art galleries.  Not that using recycled materials is a new concept for artists.  For years, artists have been using reclaimed wood and all kinds of discarded scraps in their creations. […]

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Change by Sara Zimmerman

January 17, 2016

Sara Zimmerman’s art for 2009 reflects change. […]

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True to Her Heart: Christie Ussher

January 15, 2016

She expresses her art on canvas, buildings, walls and metal. And skin, film, stone and cars. […]

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Blue Turtle Seduction captures Mountain Soul

January 10, 2016

Performing since 2001, Blue Turtle Seduction has created a signature style, raw yet polished, that represents the South Shore’s work hard, play harder lifestyle.  It’s a hypnotic blend of electric guitar and mandolin; harmonica, harmonies, and adrenaline; drums, bass, and violin led by Jay Seals’ vocals. With roots embedded at Fallen Leaf Lake, they have […]

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Mark Hammon Photography

January 1, 2016

Mark’s photography is the culmination of his love and appreciation of nature and the world around us, his visual acuity, and a strong interest in technology. […]

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Truckee’s van Gogh: Artist Susie Alexander

April 27, 2015

European-born turned Tahoe local artist, Susie Alexander founded Arts In Wellness in 2012 to bring the idea of art for health and well-being to the Tahoe community and if you’ve flown out of Reno recently, you may have noticed one of her horse murals at the airport as part of the Wild Horse Exhibit. As an […]

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tahoe skiing postcard

The Romancing of Tahoe by Paul Bailey

April 15, 2015

His charming depictions of outdoor activities and use of striking, bold colors will make you fall in love with his vintage Tahoe posters.

Meet Paul Bailey, watercolor painter and designer. […]

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