Scott Forrest Fine Art Studio

Scott Forrest: Building Alliances Through Art

November 7, 2021

Well known for his signature bold brush strokes and large format paintings, he works tirelessly building alliances in South Lake Tahoe’s art community.  Meet Scott Forrest.  The art of Scott Forrest has graced the pages of Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Spin Magazine, Tahoe Quarterly and Tahoe Magazine to name a few. His work is part of […]

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Phyllis Shafer South Lake Tahoe Artist

LTCC Art Gallery Director & Landscape Artist, Phyllis Shafer

November 3, 2021

Her art is a lyrical expression of her innate awareness to her surroundings, and her love of nature.

Meet Phyllis Shafer. […]

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Barbara Wesson making pottery in South Lake Tahoe

South Shore Potter Fired UP: Barbara Wesson


“I work with clay. Elements derived from the earth.

Forms created through rhythm and motion.

Like the process that completes my work, it fires me up.

Keeps my inner fire burning and sets my soul free.” B Wesson […]

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abstract painting of blue swirls

Mothering Peace by Yasmin Sayyed

October 30, 2021

“Everyday is an opportunity to walk in honour, dignity and interpersonal decency.”  Dr. Yasmin A. Sayyed, poet and mixed media artist. […]

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blue swirl vase

The Fine Art of Living by Lynn Woodward

October 26, 2021

She has definitely mastered the fine art of living in Tahoe.

Lynn Woodward has lived in South Shore since 1999, where she enjoys the good life. For Lynn that means skiing, sailing (year round in the SF Bay Area when she’s not skiing), painting, making pottery and teaching others.


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Morning Kayak by Kit Night

October 7, 2021

What began as an attempt to make the world kinder turned into a year of weekly paintings hot off her easel. One of the results is her book bursting with radiant color. […]

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Segmented Woodturning Artist: Malcolm Tibbetts

October 3, 2021

The shapes defy the expected. Like a magician, he transforms myriad pieces of wood into a puzzling, seamless works of art.

How did he do that?

Meet Malcolm Tibbetts, segmented woodturning artist from South Lake Tahoe. […]

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buddha statue in thailand

A World of Culture by South Shore Photographer Dirk Yuricich

October 1, 2021

Vikingsholm Castle. Ehrman Mansion. Thunderbird Lodge. Watson’s Cabin. Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower? In Lake Tahoe?

You bet.

Just ask Dirk Yuricich, South Shore photographer and world traveler. […]

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painting of tahoe landscape

Sierra Light by Bonita Paulis

September 30, 2021

She works with soft pastels to capture the subtle mood of our Sierra landscapes.

Her refined study of nature’s textures and skillful compositions accurately depict the changing quality of light cast upon Lake Tahoe, from the crisp light of early morning, to the crescendo of an evening alpenglow, to the saturated glow of autumn.

Meet Bonita Paulis, landscape artist from South Lake Tahoe. […]

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Andy Skaff Tahoe Culture Artist

Colors by Andy Skaff

September 14, 2021

Andy’s love of the West and Tahoe provides the inspiration for his light-filled, vibrant landscapes which convey the clear sense of strong color and deep contrasts he sees in his subjects.  […]

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iris painting

Textile Artist Paula Chung

September 5, 2021

Her gardens inspire much of her art, even in the midst of enchanting Tahoe winter. […]

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iron sculpture of horse head

Patrick Blide Metal Sculptor

August 22, 2021

He specializes in sculptures made from reclaimed metal objects, specifically railroad spikes that he masterfully bends to capture motion and movement like this Horse Head.

Meet Patrick Blide, metal sculptor and iron worker from Truckee. […]

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