Truckee Thursdays June 13-Aug 29

May 31, 2019

Their mantra is simple.  Think local. Be local. Buy local. Give local. The feel-good summer mainstay, Downtown Truckee Thursdays will run June 13 through August 29 from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. […]

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woman blowing glass

South Shore Potter Fired UP: Barbara Wesson

May 17, 2019

“I work with clay. Elements derived from the earth.

Forms created through rhythm and motion.

Like the process that completes my work, it fires me up.

Keeps my inner fire burning and sets my soul free.” B Wesson […]

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Shelley Zentner Tahoe Artist

THE ART OF ASHTANGA by Shelley Zentner

May 14, 2019

The challenge of making 75 studies felt like an extension of my own yoga practice and an opportunity to deepen my understanding of anatomy. What I hadn’t anticipated was the profound nature of the journey, both artistically and personally. […]

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Freckle Face Switch Plates in Truckee

May 11, 2019

Funny how ideas come to light.  Literally.

As an artist herself, she wanted to create a way for everyone to afford emerging artists’ work without having to find space on the wall, or pay for framing.  So she started putting art onto light switch plate covers. First her own art, and then other artists.

Meet Kristen Anderson from Truckee. […]

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iron sculpture of horse head

Patrick Blide Metal Sculptor

April 22, 2019

He specializes in sculptures made from reclaimed metal objects, specifically railroad spikes that he masterfully bends to capture motion and movement like this Horse Head.

Meet Patrick Blide, metal sculptor and iron worker from Truckee. […]

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Segmented Woodturning Artist: Malcolm Tibbetts

April 3, 2019

The shapes defy the expected. Like a magician, he transforms myriad pieces of wood into a puzzling, seamless works of art.

How did he do that?

Meet Malcolm Tibbetts, segmented woodturning artist from South Lake Tahoe. […]

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Tahoe Backcountry inspires Watercolor Dreamscapes by Joyce Major

April 1, 2019

With all of her senses engaged, she creates watercolors that capture her love affair with Lake Tahoe and nature.

Meet Joyce Major, Incline Village water colorist. Joyce combines her passion for the outdoors with an equal passion for creating art. […]

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Into the Moment with Lainie Vreeland

March 11, 2019

She’s added a new twist to photography and art.

Meet Lainie Vreeland.  A native of Incline Village since 1979, Lainie’s hand-modified photo artistry came out of her desire and passion to preserve Tahoe’s history and culture such as this classic summertime scene at Fanny Bridge in Tahoe City. […]

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Art Helmets Tahoe Culture

Locally Made “Art Helmets” by Melissa

February 7, 2019
    ArtArt Scene

In honor of community, resiliency, art and culture, Melissa and Becky launched a lake-wide art auction to honor Angora fire fighters and one another. […]

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Made in Tahoe artwork

Starry Angora Night by Rebecca Enerson

January 10, 2019

Starry Angora Night digital painting by Rebecca Enerson. Rebecca has always felt a close connection to Vincent van Gogh’s artist expression and, in particular, his famous Starry Night painting below. Rebecca is currently producing a series of Starry Nights of Tahoe paintings that capture her own version of mesmerizing stars above selected Tahoe scenes. For […]

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Truckee Flintknapping Artist Grog Verbeck

November 18, 2018

Flintknap art sculptures by Grog Verbeck.

Grog says this ancient, primitive skill is a dying art. […]

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iris painting

Textile Artist Paula Chung

November 5, 2018

Her gardens inspire much of her art, even in the midst of enchanting Tahoe winter. […]

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