Reds Regan-South Lake Tahoe

Primitive Contemporary Art by Reds Regan

June 8, 2018

He has a style all his own. An extension of his being, Reds Regan’s paintings are free flowing, bold, and expressive.  A charismatic style emblematic of Reds’ passion for living and his drive to express it on canvas.

First Fridays at Riverside Studios

May 30, 2018
    FeaturedArt Scene

Toast the fine art of living with local artists, live music and libations on the First Friday of each month at Riverside Studios in downtown Truckee, where art and culture intersect.  All art is Made by Hand.

Tahoe Dance Band Tahoe Culture

Tahoe Dance Band

March 30, 2018

Did you know…South Tahoe has a 17-piece dance band?

InnerRhythms of Truckee: Empowering Art and Community

March 10, 2018
    Art Scene

Its mission is simple. Use the power of dance and music to cultivate life skills in our local youth and to inspire an enduring passion for the arts. 

abstract painting of blue swirls

Mothering Peace by Yasmin Sayyed

February 16, 2018

“Everyday is an opportunity to walk in honour, dignity and interpersonal decency.”  Dr. Yasmin A. Sayyed, poet and mixed media artist.

painting of womans profile

An exploration of dualities by Sara Smith

February 15, 2018

Her work looks at inner and outer experiences, public and private, heart and mind, what we choose to share and unwittingly reveal.

Meet Sara Smith, North Shore artist and dog lover!

tahoe skiing postcard

The Romancing of Tahoe by Paul Bailey


His charming depictions of outdoor activities and use of striking, bold colors will make you fall in love with his vintage Tahoe posters.

Meet Paul Bailey, watercolor painter and designer.

painting of coyote with reflections

The Magical Art of Cathy McClelland

February 11, 2018

Art has always been her escape, taking her into the realms of her imagination where she creates.

painting of woman with eagle

Fantastical Illustrations by Kristen Schwartz

February 8, 2018

Inspired by her surroundings and world cultures, Kristen Schwartz of South Shore has captured many of Tahoe’s mythical icons and other fantasticals in her illustrations, including this image of Cave Rock Woman.

abstract painting of heart

Connecting Heaven and Earth by Yasmin Sayyed

February 7, 2018

South Lake Tahoe mixed media artist and poet, Yasmin Sayyed, is participating in an international art movement to help bridge Heaven & Earth through art and energy.

landscape painting with tree

LTCC Art Gallery Director & Landscape Artist, Phyllis Shafer


Her art is a lyrical expression of her innate awareness to her surroundings.

Meet Phyllis Shafer.

iron sculpture of horse head

Patrick Blide Metal Sculptor

January 30, 2018

He specializes in sculptures made from reclaimed metal objects, specifically railroad spikes that he masterfully bends to capture motion and movement like this Horse Head.

Meet Patrick Blide, metal sculptor and iron worker from Truckee.