Can panties change the world? Ask Jenn.

December 1, 2016
    Made in Tahoe

Jenn thinks so.

That’s why this creative Lake Tahoe activist started Pantyline Productions.

Today, Pantyline Productions has moved on from national politics to more global initiatives, and now focuses on HIV/AIDS education in Kenya.

After a 2005 trip to Dolphin, a Kenyan organization committed to ending violence and HIV in girls and women, the main mission of Pantyline has been transformed into raising money for Winnie, the founder of Dolphin. Winnie says that dolphins give life to the sea just like education gives life to children-that’s how she came up with the name.

Jenn’s Panties can be found at Gaia Licious in South Lake Tahoe and with 20% of all panty sales going to Dolphin to support anti-violence education in Kenya

Each one of the pieces is hand-screened on American Apparel or Alternative Apparel garments with water-based inks. Made in Tahoe. No two are alike. Short sleeve and long sleeve hoodies are now available.

In addition to her panties for a cause, Jenn is the the Director of Adventure Risk Challenge, an outdoor-based literacy and leadership program for high school youth in the Sierra Nevada. She also helps run a whitewater rafting company in Truckee called IRIE Rafting.  She also teaches sociology at the Lake Tahoe Community College in South Lake Tahoe.

Where does she get all that energy?

Lake Tahoe, of course!