Blue Turtle Seduction captures Mountain Soul

January 10, 2016

Blue Turtle Seduction Performing since 2001, Blue Turtle Seduction has created a signature style, raw yet polished, that represents the South Shore’s work hard, play harder lifestyle.  It’s a hypnotic blend of electric guitar and mandolin; harmonica, harmonies, and adrenaline; drums, bass, and violin led by Jay Seals’ vocals.

With roots embedded at Fallen Leaf Lake, they have a deep love for Lake Tahoe which is captured in their song, Mountain Sol, that pays tribute to our mountain culture. And, for many in Tahoe, our priorities.

Mountain Sol – Jay A. Seals, Ron Buck

No need to go to work today. It snowed all last night and there’s more on the way.
No need to worry about what you’re going to say, when you see her out on the street today.
It doesn’t matter anyway.

Swimming in waters about thirty-three degrees. Just a crazy way to bring in the spring.
Working on the engines, lighten up the load. Summer time is coming soon and it’s time to hit the road.

May time move slow, when it’s all said and done.
There’s still so much to do under the sun.

When the mountain is white and sun’s shining bright then we just might forget about all the rest.

Blue Turtle Seduction features Jay Seals (guitar, vocals), Glenn Stewart (harmonica, pan flute, vocals), Christian Zupancic (violin, mandolin, vocals), Stephen Seals (bass), and Adam Navone (drums).  This favorite local five-piece rock / bluegrass / reggae / hip-hop hybrid creates music that defies classification.