“Between Heaven and a Hard Place” by Dr. Stew

May 29, 2016

heavencover.JPGHe’s known by many as Dr. Love.

He walks the talk and brings light into everything he does and every interaction.

Meet Dr. Stewart Bittman.

In addition to being a chiropractor in South Shore, Dr. Stew is a renowned speaker, teacher and author.

His book, “Between Heaven and a Hard Place”, captures the paradox of our daily lives with great insight, love and enlightenment. But, don’t believe me.

Click here to read the first two chapters available through LionHearted Publishing.
Meet Dr. Bittman

An internationally acclaimed speaker and teacher, Dr. Stew Bittman has lived in Lake Tahoe for over 25 years. It is here that he has slowly recovered from his over-educated, uneventful mid-baby boom New York City upbringing and lives the life he always dreamed about. He has a deep love for the land, discovering God in the many flowering meadows and sun-kissed mountain lakes.

drstew.jpgHis reverence for Life extends to all humans on this planet, as well, and his mission is to empower one person at a time thru chiropractic. Dr. Stew has left no stone unturned on his own journey to facilitate each person’s healing of themselves by rediscovering their own true nature and the doctor within.

Safe Haven Chiropractic is a healing center based on a donation-only system allowing all to achieve wellness. Stew has helped thousands of individuals and families to embrace their gifts, pursue their dreams and find the peace and wholeness (health) that already reside within. Additionally, he has traveled the world teaching the chiropractic principle, and has participated in six chiropractic missions to Central America, bringing that principle to life.

Stew’s wife, Hillary, would like to add, “I think Stew would say that he is proud of what he’s accomplished: a chiropractic practice that has literally changed the lives of thousands; a family that is very close and loving and that enjoys doing everything together; a balanced life which allows him to serve, to share his gifts and to live his dream. His mother-in-law thinks he is an angel. And, lest you think he sounds like a saint, I assure you that he is at least as full of schmootz as anybody else.”

Dr. Stew can be reached for speaking engagements and seminars, for mentoring in practice and life skills, as well as for various audio and video products at drstew@etahoe.com.