Artwork by Pat Edwards

October 2, 2016
    ArtArt Scene

Lake Tahoe people and landscapes are just a few of the colorful pieces by long-time local artist Pat Edwards captured in a mix of pastels, acrylics, photos and mixed media.

Pat has lived in North Lake Tahoe since she was nine years old.  While she has received many awards, she has had no formal training in art. Over the last fifty years, Ms. Edwards’ art has been shown throughout the North Lake Tahoe and Truckee region as well as in Graeagle, Reno and Loyalton.  She works in oils, pastels, acrylics, mixed media and china painting. She is also an accomplished ceramicist working in clay, hand building, Raku and utilizing ceramic pieces as though they were canvases. Currently her focus is on painting in different mediums and she has been busy plein air painting with several other artists in the area.

Since early childhood she has loved expression through art, feeling that art is a way people can be healed from emotional trauma in their lives. She loves to see the joy that erupts when a piece is completed and accomplished what a person wanted to communicate.

“Art and painting is like an internal re-firing of the soul. Wonderful, clean feelings of joy wash through me while creating the paintings,” said Ms. Edwards. “It’s special for humans to be able to walk in our gifts and we need to continually be pressing on to increase and perfect them.”

Pat also finds great joy in sharing art through teaching and helping others come forth in their own unique styles. In addition to having her own ceramics studio, Ms. Edwards has also taught painting and doll-making.