Arborescence Obsession with Eve Werner

January 21, 2021

Similar to her subjects, Eve Werner creates one-of-a-kind frames for her paintings such as Pinus ponderosa ‘Fireworks’ shown here at her Art Obsession Gallery in the former Llama Ranch location in old town Truckee.  Eve makes the frames using bark, needles, and cones that she gathered from under the subject tree. […]

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The imposing stature and brilliant colors of her magnificent model were irresistible to Eve.  The tree in her painting shown here, grows near Mammoth Lakes at 8,000′ and is part of her California Arborescence series that explores native California trees.

Eve is an award-winning acrylic and multi-media painter whose work explores natural subjects that have personal significance. She is known for her vivid use of color and values in expressively painted figurative work. Werner’s California Arborescence series taps the beauty of the distinct and varied trees that define forests and describe California landscapes.

 “When framing this series, I wanted the frame to not just complement, but be an extension of, the painting. I collect natural materials that I find at the base of the trees during my photo sessions and use this to embellish plain wood frames.  I add paint to tie the frame color into the art as well. It pulls it all together,” said Werner.

Werner, both an artist and landscape architect, is known for her Equine and landscape artistry.

“As a landscape architect used to selecting tree species for their ability to “behave” properly in a given constructed setting, I admire our natives’ evolved ability to perfectly serve and thrive in their distinct ecosystems. Trees play an important role in mythology and are powerful cross-cultural symbols of strength, growth, decay, fertility and immortality.  They have always spoken to me on a gut level. When I was young I would sit up in our oak tree and dream of horses,” said Werner.

In addition to her fascinating equine and landscape paintings, Eve specializes in site-specific landscape architecture and garden design, combining native and edible plants with artistic accents. Eve has been designing gardens and parks for more than twenty years as a licensed Landscape Architect.  To learn more about Eve’s Garden Designs, click here.

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