Angora Rejuvenation by Juanita Villa Leman

July 31, 2016
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Two acrylic paintings by Juanita Villa Leman.

“Out of the Ashes” ♥ “View from Above”

Creative Expression Inspired by Fire:

Juanita’s first home and ceramic studio was off North Upper Truckee Road, so the Angora fire really hit home for her.

An artist all her life, Juanita felt it was both her duty and honor to paint what she saw in the remaining landscape and returning wildlife in the Angora area one year after the fire.

The paintings she has submitted for the Tahoe: Lost & Found Art Auction capture the rebirth and rejuvenation she has witnessed in her neighborhood; the stark contrast of the charred landscape on top of Angora Ridge with the north side of the ridge looking at Mt Tallac, and a pair of hawks flying above.

Auction Items:
(Art will be sold at live auction, Sept 19 at Valhalla, with % of proceeds going to the fire-related community projects.)

“Out of the Ashes” (above)

Acrylic painting, 16 x 20″, framed

$350 Value

Starting Bid: $175

“View from Above”

Acrylic painting, 11 x 14″, framed

$200 Value

Staring Bid: $100

About Janet “Juanita” Villa Leman (in her own words):

I have lived in Lake Tahoe since 1981. My first home and ceramic studio was off North Upper Truckee Road, so the Angora fire really did hit home.

One year after the fire was the first time I had seen the Angora area since the burn. I was so moved by the rebirth and rejuvenation from the ashes that I had to paint what I saw. After the fire I saw some hawks circling above the Angora Ridge. It was good to see some wildlife over the burned area.

I’ve been an artist all my life, but have only recently focused on the canvas. If you’d like to reach Juanita Villa Leman, please contact her at (530) 541-0769 or

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