An exploration of dualities by Sara Smith

February 15, 2018

Her work looks at inner and outer experiences, public and private, heart and mind, what we choose to share and unwittingly reveal.

Meet Sara Smith, North Shore artist and dog lover! […]

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Her paintings juxtapose foreground and background, asking what is “most real”, through the use of flat with metallic, figurative with abstract, color with grayscale.

Sara’s archival work ranges from whimsical to highly representational, with a strong use of color and symbolism.

Sara loves to paint animals and Tahoe landscapes with acrylics on canvas and panels. In fact, she has been commissioned to grace the walls of many North Shore hangouts like the Brockway Twin Theater Lobby in Kings Beach below.

More About Sara in her own words:

kb-theatre-1.JPGI’ve always loved animals, and started painting my own many years ago… this ultimately led to my first request for a commissioned portrait of someone else’s four-legged family member, and I’ve been busily and happily painting many furry characters since.

I love painting on the walls (always wanted to when I was a kid)… I paint on large walls, small walls, in commercial spaces and children’s rooms.

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