Adventure Short Stories by Kirkwood Author Bruce Gianola

November 12, 2016


It’s five short stories about first time adventure experiences.

The challenges faced when attempting something new and the sense of accomplishment that comes from overcoming the challenges that invariably arise.

“First Tracks” sounds like a fitting title, and was published by long-time Kirkwood resident, Bruce Gianola.

Several of the stories are loosely fashioned from the author’s personal experiences in and around Kirkwood. Other stories, purely fictional, involve activities that young adults face as they take on responsibility, explore new endeavors and make decisions that lay the groundwork for their adult lives.

It is an entertaining read and one that all ages will enjoy.

First Tracks is available for sale for $25 at the Kirkwood Community Association (KCA) office and the KCA Red Cliffs Club.

Kirkwood Community Association
1501 Kirkwood Meadows Drive
Kirkwood, CA 95646