Lake Tahoe’s allure runs deeper than its mesmerizing crystal blue waters. Overflowing along the shoreline is a vibrant mountain culture defined by the local artists, individuals, businesses and events that embody Tahoe’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit that is shaped by the surrounding rugged beauty and enduring commitment to its preservation.

Created by long-time local Becky Bell in 2007, Tahoe Mountain Culture is designed to introduce the people whose deep connection to Tahoe inspires creative expression and stewardship that define our healthy lifestyle and community whether through visual or performing arts, events, and locally-made products.

If you live in Lake Tahoe and you are an artist, writer, small business owner, outdoor guide, maker, health and wellness provider, history buff, pro athlete or dog lover (aren’t we all 🙂 – or you just have a great tale to be told send me your story via the contact form.

“By highlighting the local people, places, history, and environment, Tahoe Culture gives travelers insight about our community and how we live — our habits, tastes and values that originate from our innate relationship with nature.

I want to preserve our mountain culture by encouraging visitations to our local businesses and events, and participation in the protection of our natural resources.”